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Pioneer Grappling Booster Club

06/07/2016, 8:00pm AKDT
By Maria Cramer

1st Fundraiser a Success!

In less than one year of opening our doors, our wrestlers have shown Alaska and the Lower 48 the benefits of training year-round.  All the sweat, blood, and tears have been worth it!

With that being said, most of our serious athletes choose to compete in out-of-state tournaments to test their skill and see where his/her strengths (and what needs work) are.  Traveling out of Alaska is very costly, and when you add up the fees for the tournaments, hotels, transportation, etc., it's almost too overwhelming to comprehend.

So what happens when you have a fabulous group of supportive parents?  They get together and form a booster club specifically geared to support Pioneer Grappling Academy's athletes, to offset the costs of travel.

Their first fundraiser was a Steak Feed and Silent Auction held on June 3rd, 2016 at the VFW.  It's very impressive how everything came together in just two weeks - all the athletes who participated in this fundraiser, and are attending the Team Alaska Camp, were able to get their camp fees paid in full!

We are excited to see what the Pioneer Grappling Booster Club has in store for future fundraising activities.  To all those who supported this fundraiser - thank you!  We are all blessed to live in such an amazing community!

Please visit the Pioneer Grappling Booster Club for all information and upcoming events.  You can visit them on Facebook at



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